How can I print on Dura-Bright™ Synthetic Papers?

Printability is one of Dura-Bright™’s best qualities. Dura-Bright is compatible with screen printing and offset lithography. Before you attempt to print on this type of material, we strongly recommend you contact your ink vendor to see what types of inks can be used with polypropylene sheets. We can even provide you with sample sheets of … Read more

Can I print on plastic film and sheets?

Plastic film and sheets for printing

Printing on plastic film and sheets is a very common application. However, the techniques used to print on the vast number of different plastics is very detailed. Usually, the method and techniques chosen have to do with the plastic material itself, as well as the type of printing. In general, there are two types of printing … Read more

How can I print on DFML?

DFML can be printed on its gloss side, by Screen Printing, or Offset Lithography.  DFML might be suitable for Solvent, Latex or UV Curable Inkjet printing, which are the only digital printing options could work on DFML.  DO NOT USE DFML in any plain paper copier, laser printer, or other heat fusing digital printing technology.

How can Shrink-Art Film be printed?

Shrinky Dink, Shrink Art Film

Our plain Shrink-Art Film is mostly screen printable, although it should also be printable via other conventional printing methods.  Please consult your ink vendor for specifics on ink formulations, etc.  For digital printing we offer our Desktop Inkjet Printable Shrink-Art Film, designed for consumer grade inkjet printers.  DO NOT put these products through PPC/Laser or … Read more

How can Protective Film be printed on?

Image of surface protection film on clear plastic film

Most of our Protective Films are compatible with screen printing, however we recommend you provide samples to your ink vendor for testing.  It is not designed for any other printing methods.  Our Protective Films are not printable by Digital processes such as Inkjet or PPC/Laser.

Is DuraLar Adhesive Backed Film printable?

Adhesive Backed Film

DuraLar Adhesive Back Film is not designed to be printed specifically, By enlarge our DuraLar films are able to be screen printed.  We recommend you contact your ink vendor for more information on printing on Polyester Film.  This product is not designed for digital printing.  For digital printing on Adhesive Backed Film, please check out … Read more