Precision Slitting

All plastic film and sheet materials start in large, wide rolls that can weigh up to 1,500 Lbs (700 Kg). Most folks who need plastic film and plastic sheeting can’t handle material in this format, or they don’t need that much. To meet this need, Grafix Plastics has wide format, precision roll slitting capabilities that seamlessly breaks down these wide rolls into narrower rolls, and can also make those rolls shorter or longer depending on your needs. We offer this service for our own materials, or if you want to provide your own materials, we can break them down for you.

Slitting Parameters

Materials Parameters:

  • Thickness range: .0005″ to .020″ (.012mm to .5mm)
  • Width range: 5″ to 61″ (125mm to 1500mm)
  • Start weight: 1500 lbs. (700kg)
  • Core size: 3″ to 10″ (76mm to 254mm)

Finished Rolls:

  • Widths possible: 1″ to 60″ (25mm to 1500mm)
  • Max finished outer diameter: up to 24″ (depending on the material)
  • Core sizes: 3″ or 6″ (76mm or 152mm)

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