Office supply applications that use plastic film and sheets

From plastic binders and boxes to protective films and document archiving and protection, just to name a few, Grafix Plastics products have been popular for office supply applications for decades. Back when iMacs were introduced in translucent pastel colors, we helped manufacturers get complementary-colored polyolefin sheets to make paper binders and other office supplies to match. Rely on us for right-priced materials for your office supply applications. Contact us today to discuss your manufacturing requirements.

Some of our products used in this industry

Acetate film and sheets roll

Acetate Film and Sheets

The term "acetate" is often used to refer to ANY plastic film. That’s because acetate film has been around since before World War I! In truth, acetate film and sheets are a specific type of plastic material called cellulose acetate, which is derived from natural sources like wood pulp and cotton. Acetate ... Read More
Plastic sheets of Polyolephin

Polyolefin Plastic Sheets

Polyolefins are a family of durable, versatile plastics made from natural gases. Inexpensive and easy to manipulate, plastic sheets made of polyolefins are often the preferred material for use in consumer goods, structural plastics, food packaging and industrial products. Read More
Rolls of Polyester Film and Sheets

Polyester Film, Mylar® Polyester Film, and DuraLar™

The term "polyester" film most commonly refers to the polymer polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The go-to commodity film for many every day products for over 30 years, polyester makes an excellent multipurpose film because of its high mechanical strength, durability, heat tolerance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability. Read More
Vinyl ( PVC ) Film and Sheets

Vinyl (PVC) Film and Sheets

Grafix stocks a large selection of ClearLay Rigid Vinyl Sheets and Film in clear gloss and five transparent colors. We also have access to a large variety of rigid vinyl in thicker gauges in gloss, matte, translucent color, opaque color, calendared matte, roller polished and press polished. If you have ... Read More
Rolls of Polyester Drafting Film

Drafting Film

Grafix Plastics Drafting film is a polyester-based film with a one or two side matte translucent drawing surface, treated to reduce static and accept paint, ink and pencil. It is dimensionally stable and erases cleanly. Read More
ComputerGrafix computer printable film

ComputerGrafix - Digitally Printable Film and Sheets

Computer Grafix is a line of digitally printable film and sheets. Quick-drying and non-smearing, these films are perfect for creating vibrant printed images using everyday printers and copiers. Available in a variety of finishes and sizes, these films can be used for designing signs, advertising and promotional documents as well ... Read More


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