Archival Grade DuraLar™ Polyester Film

It may be a digital world, but there’s still a lot of stuff on paper, and that’s where DuraLar Archival Film is needed!

Archival grade DuraLar polyester film is a high clarity polymer film base specifically for use in the encapsulation of paper artifacts, and document conservation. At Grafix Plastics, we follow the strict guidelines set forth by the Library of Congress to bring you an archival film that is optimal for historical document preservation and encapsulation. Further, archival grade DuraLar can be welded to itself with many of the ultrasonic welding devices used in the field.

We also offer branded archival polyester film such as Melinex™ 516 (Mylar® D replacement), Hostaphan™ 4TLM, and other Library of Congress approved archival films.


Features of Archival DuraLar

  • Archival Quality
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Ultra High Clarity
  • Sealable on Ultrasonic Welders
  • PH Neutral
  • Non-yellowing
  • Heat Resistance up to 200°C
  • Great electrical resistance
  • Good tensile strength
  • Tear Resistance


Thicknesses of Stocked Archival DuraLar:

  • .003″/75um
  • .004″/100um
  • .005″/125um
  • .001″/25um
  • .002″/50um
  • .007″/175um
  • .010″/250um

** All sheets, rolls, and packs of Archival DuraLar are cut to order, and not kept in stock.

All our DuraLar films, including archival film, can be slit to width, rolled to length, or cut to size.  Check out our extensive converting services pages for a full range of converting options for our DuraLar products.

This, coupled with our ability to provide you this material in your specified size/format, allow this product to be a powerful tool and any conservator’s tool box.


Properties are based on .001″/24um Archival DuraLar polyester film. Properties of other gauges and finishes of DuraLar polyester film can vary.

General DuraLar Spec Sheet

Film PropertyValueUnitsTest Method
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength (MD)28,000psiASTM D 882
Tensile Strength (TD)34,000psiASTM D 882
Strength Elongation MD15,000psiASTM D 882
Strength F-5 TD14,000psiASTM D 882
Modulus MD710,000psiASTM D 882
Modulus TD740,000psiASTM D 882
Elongation MD115%ASTM D 882
Elongation TD92%ASTM D 882
Density1.39g/ccASTM D 1505
Viscosity0.56dL/gASTM D 4603
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength
AC, 20°C, .00092″7,000volts/milASTM D 149-64
Dielectric Constant
25°C, 1 kHz3.2ASTM D150-81
Dissipation Factor
25°C, 1 kHz0.005ASTM D150-65
Volume Resistivity 25°C1.00E+19ohm-cmASTM D257-78
Corona Threshold425V-ACASTM D2275-80
Thermal Properties
Melt Point200
Service Temperature Range -70-150C
Dimensional Stability
at 105° MD0.6%Measured Shrinkage
at 105° TD0.9%Measured Shrinkage
at 150° MD1.8%Measured Shrinkage
at 150° TD1.1%Measured Shrinkage
Specific Heat0.28
Thermal Expansion1.7×10-5ASTM D 696
Optical Properties
Transmission Visible> 88%
Transmission Near IR>80%
Refractive Index1.65RI
Chemical Properties
Resistance by Class
Water Vapor 0.1g/100 in2/24hr.ASTM E-96
Carbon Dioxide16g/100 in2/24hr.ASTM D1434-58
Moisture Absorption<.8%ASTM D-570-63
Stain ResistanceMost Household Agents & Chemicals
Table from Product Spec Sheet XLS


  • DEHP, DBP and BBP free. Contact us for more details
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Meets MilSpec L-P-377C Type 1-3

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