Arts and Crafts applications for plastic film and sheets

Like you, Grafix has always believed in “the art of the possible.” Since its inception in 1963, we’ve been a trusted, top-tier supplier of plastic film and plastic sheets to manufacturers in the arts and crafts industry. You need decorative, functional, and economical: Grafix offers a wide selection of materials at the right specifications and price.

Whether it’s colored filmshrink art films, adhesive films, or digital films, Grafix Plastics either carries or can customize plastic film products to bring your own industry products to life.  Kit manufacturers, toy manufacturers, and even other art materials manufacturers rely on Grafix materials and expertise to make their own products shine.

Your ideas deserve quality support!

Questions about what film product is right for you? Check out our extensive FAQ on plastic film and plastic sheets. Our product pages also provide a wealth of information, including specs, finishes, applications, certifications, and much more.

Some of our products used in this industry

ComputerGrafix computer printable film

ComputerGrafix - Digitally Printable Film and Sheets

Computer Grafix is a line of digitally printable film and sheets. Quick-drying and non-smearing, these films are perfect for creating vibrant printed images using everyday printers and copiers. Available in a variety of finishes and sizes, these films can be used for designing signs, advertising and promotional documents as well ... Read More
PVC Film and Sheets

ClearLay ™ rigid vinyl (PVC) film and sheets

ClearLay ® is a rigid Vinyl film (polyvinylchloride - PVC) that is the economical answer for many plastic film uses. ClearLay's versatility makes it a great choice for thermoforming, die-cutting, welding, gluing, and folding applications. The low cost of Vinyl combined with it's high durability makes it well suited for ... Read More
A roll of DuraLar Polyester Film and Sheets

DuraLar™ Polyester Film and Sheets

DuraLar TM is our most popular and economical general purpose polyester film. It is our trade name for polyester film, just as Mylar is Dupont/Taijin's trademark for polyester film. Because of it's inherent physical properties, this bi-axially oriented PET film is your best choice when high performance plastics are required. Read More
Adhesive Film application

Adhesive Film and Sheets

Grafix stocks a wide range of adhesive products, including those with general purpose permanent adhesive, and materials with removable adhesive. Among the most popular are our cold laminating films, double-sided adhesive, and different types of removable protective films. Read More
Acetate film and sheets roll

Acetate Film and Sheets

The term "acetate" is often used to refer to ANY plastic film. That’s because acetate film has been around since before World War I! In truth, acetate film and sheets are a specific type of plastic material called cellulose acetate, which is derived from natural sources like wood pulp and cotton. Acetate ... Read More
Specialty Materials

Decorative colored plastic film and sheets

Grafix Plastics stocks a considerable variety different types of colored plastic film and sheets that are commercially available, in reasonable quantities. If this weren't enough, we also can custom manufacture self colored and decorative finished film and sheets.... including specific color and detail requirements matching. Read More
Laser-cuttable film and sheets

LaserPro ™ Laser-Cuttable Film

LaserPro ™ is a family of polyester films which has been specially coated for more efficient laser fabrication. The coating allows stacks of sheets to be laser cut without the film permanently welding to itself, so multiple copies can be fabricated simultaneously. Grafix Plastics offers a wide variety of stock ... Read More


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