Lighting applications for plastic film and sheets

We don’t have to tell you that light is magic. And you know that heavily engineered solutions to lighting problems are very expensive. That’s why our
Our Optigrafix ™ family of optical films were designed to provide high performance solutions for a wide range of lighting applications without the high cost.

Optigrafix Diffuser films are outstanding for indoor light fixtures, fluorescent and LED applications, backlighting, automotive instrumentation, machinevision lighting and other manufacturing applications.

From light spread, color, shape, reflection, and intensity, to convenience, availability, and above all, cost, our light diffuser films help you design and engineer a better lighting environment without breaking the bank.

Some of our products used in this industry

Rolls of Hazy DuraLar Polyester Film and Sheets

Hazy Duralar ™ Polyester Film

Hazy DuraLar is a tough general-purpose polyester film with a hazy translucent finish; its durability, physical and electrical properties make it ideal for applications like wire, cable and motor films, transfer film base, casting and release liner, reinforcing composite constructions, laminating films, and more. Read More
Rolls and sheets of metallized polyester film

Metallized DuraLar ™ Reflective Film

Metallized Dura-Lar is an oriented polyester film with a very thin coating of aluminum vacuum deposited onto its surface; it is well suited to many industrial and decorative applications, including printing, packaging, POP and display, and crafts. Read More
Light Diffusion Film Example

Circular Light Diffuser Film

OptiGrafix ™ Light Diffuser Films are one- or two-side diffuser film products designed to break up and distribute light evenly. They can be used for a variety of different lighting applications like electronic displays and signs, LED-based lighting systems, fluorescent-based lighting systems, and printed signage. Read More
Specialty Materials

Decorative colored plastic film and sheets

Grafix Plastics stocks a considerable variety different types of colored plastic film and sheets that are commercially available, in reasonable quantities. If this weren't enough, we also can custom manufacture self colored and decorative finished film and sheets.... including specific color and detail requirements matching. Read More

Asymmetric Light Diffusion Film (DFML)

OptiGrafix ™ Asymmetric Light Diffuser Films are specially engineered to shape bright point lights like LEDs. By using this film at different angles and in different positions, you can create swirling lines of light in parallel, or in different directions. Pair this film with our Circular Light Diffusers to shape ... Read More


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