Light Diffuser Papers

Give your low-temperature lighting products an elegant look and feel with Grafix Plastics Light Diffuser Papers. Known for their stylish, translucent look, versatility, and economical price point, our light diffuser papers makes great lampshade materials around LED lights, and offer an artistic way to decorate windows and low-temperature luminaries.

Because it’s paper, it can be cut, printed, drawn on, or manipulated any way you can work with paper. What a great way to add flair to your lighting projects!


Check out our five exciting stock patterns (more are available on a custom basis):

Cropped ClearV Diffuser
24# Clear:
An even matte frosted look. Available in both plain and inkjet- printable.
Cropped MarbleV Diffuser29# Marble White: An even matte frost look, with random whiter patches, like clouds.
Cropped ParchmentV Diffuser29# Parchment: Simulates parchment in a translucent paper material.
Cropped GoldV Diffuser30# Gold: A translucent gold frosted look.
Cropped PlatinumV Diffuser30# Silver: A translucent silver frosted look.


Light diffuser papers are stocked in Master Sheets: 23″ x 35″, can be cut to size from there.


  • DEHP, DBP and BBP free. Contact us for more details
  • RoHS Compliant. Contact us for more details
  • It’s paper! How bad can it be?

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