Custom Coatings, Custom Adhesives

In many cases, existing plastic film and plastic sheet materials might not have all the properties necessary for a given application. To bridge this gap, Grafix Plastics provides a range of custom coating options that enhance and improve the performance of plastic film and sheet materials.

Our more popular coated films films are available as stock products; check them out in the Specialty Materials products section of this website. But often, our customers need materials with a different kind of performance or different properties than we stock To meet that need, we offer a wide range of custom coating services:

Adhesive Coatings

  • Pressure Sensitive – Permanent
  • Pressure Sensitive – Removable

Functional Top-coatings

  • Hard-coats/Scratch Resistant
  • Light Diffusion
  • Anti-Blocking
  • Dry Erase
  • Slip Treatment
  • Anti-Static

Print Receptive Topcoatings

  • Inkjet – Desktop
  • Inkjet – Wide Format
  • Xerographic/Toner Receptive
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Offset/Litho Print Adhesion

Mminimum orders will apply.

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