PPC Laser-Printable Films

Having trouble finding films that are compatible with laser printers and copiers? Grafix Plastics has you covered with a wide range of PPC Laser film options that are just right for xerographic printing applications.  (“Xerographic” refers to dry toner copiers and printers.)

We stock a .004″ high-clarity printable film specially coated for use in laser and plain paper copiers. Quick-drying and smudge-proof, PPC Laser film is ideal for creating brilliant color reproductions for use in a variety of PPC and Laser applications.

Additionally, all of our 1/side and 2/side matte drafting film is PPC- and laser-printable as well. Our PPC/Laser films are stocked as a plain film; they can also be custom-coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive (minimums will apply).


Features of ComputerGrafix PPC/Laser Films:

  • Available in Clear & Matte
  • Quick-drying
  • Smudge-proof
  • Acid-free
  • Tear-resistant<
  • Heat-resistant


Types of PPC/Laser Film

  • .004″/100um Clear
  • .003″-.007″/75-175um 1/side matte
  • .003″-.007″/75-175um 2/side matte


Raw material sizes:

Master roll (by width)


  • .004″/100um Clear, 36″
  • .003″-.007″/75-175um 1/side matte, 36″ & 42″
  • .003″-.007″/75-175um 2/side matte, 36″ & 42″

Custom order materials:

  • Above materials with Pressure Sensitive
  • Typical custom widths 25″ & 50″

Finished Goods stock sizes:


Clear PPC/Laser
.004″/100umPk/50 Sheets
1/Side Matte
.003″/75umPk/100 Sheets
.004″/100umPk/100 Sheets
.005″/125umPk/100 Sheets
.007″/175umPk/100 Sheets
2/Side Matte
.003″/75umPk/100 Sheets
.004″/100umPk/100 Sheets
.005″/125umPk/100 Sheets
.007″/175umPk/100 Sheets


Properties are based on .004″/100um Clear PPC/Laser film. Properties of other gauges and finishes of PPC/Laser film can vary.

Film PropertyValueUnitsTest Method
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength (MD)28000psiASTM D 882
Tensile Strength (TD)34000psiASTM D 882
Strength Elongation MD15000psiASTM D 882
Strength F-5 TD14000psiASTM D 882
Modulus MD710000psiASTM D 882
Modulus TD740000psiASTM D 882
Elongation MD115%ASTM D 882
Elongation TD92%ASTM D 882
Density1.39g/ccASTM D 1505
Viscosity0.56dL/gASTM D 4603
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength
AC, 20°C, .00092″7000volts/milASTM D 149-64
Dielectric Constant
25°C, 1 kHz3.2ASTM D150-81
Dissipation Factor
25°C, 1 kHz0.005ASTM D150-65
Volume Resistivity 25°C1.0E+19ohm-cmASTM D257-78
Corona Threshold425V-ACASTM D2275-80
Thermal Properties
Melt Point200°C
Service Temperature Range -70-150C
Dimensional Stability
at 105° MD0.6%Measured Shrinkage
at 105° TD0.9%Measured Shrinkage
at 150° MD1.8%Measured Shrinkage
at 150° TD1.1%Measured Shrinkage
Specific Heat0.28cal/g/°C
Thermal Expansion1.7×10-5in./in./°CASTM D 696
Optical Properties
Transmission Visible> 80%
Transmission Near IR>80%
Refractive Index1.65RI
Chemical Properties
Water Vapor 0.1g/100 in2/24hr.ASTM E-96
Carbon Dioxide16g/100 in2/24hr.ASTM D1434-58
Mosture Absorbtion<.8%ASTM D-570-63
Important Notice:  Grafix makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose.  The user is responsible for determining whether the Grafix product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application.  Please remember that many factors can affect the use and performance of a Grafix Plastics film product in a particular application.  Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and performance of a Grafix product, some of which are uniquely within the user’s knowledge and control, it is essential that the user evaluate the Grafix product to determine whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application.


  • DEHP, DBP and BBP free. Contact us for more details
  • RoHS Compliant

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