Specialty Materials

Do you need a material geared towards a specific function? Grafix Plastics manufactures a variety specialty materials (plastic film and plastic sheets) which are made for specific, less universal applications.  In addition to the specialty films we stock, we can also custom manufacture a large variety of  plastic film and plastic sheets to meet your specific requirements.

Our products make your job easier! For example, Grafix Plastics makes a line of films specially coated for laser fabrication, popular among stencil and template makers. This film can be laser cut in stacks without it welding to itself. Imagine the laser table time you would save if you didn’t have to individually cut each sheet!

We can take the stress out of choosing the right material.
Ready to put our commitment to service to work for you? Connect with our expert staff to share your parameters, and how you want the film to function, by starting an inquiry.