Converting Services: Making Big Stuff into Small Stuff

Grafix offers a full range of plastic film and sheet converting and finishing services, including converting rolls to sheets, slitting, rewinding, multi-layer laminating, square cutting, trimming, corner rounding, hole punching and die cutting.

Step One: Finding you the right materials

Looking for polymer film or sheets for a specific application? Grafix carries an unique variety of specialty plastic film products. Should we not have your specific product in stock, custom sourcing is also a breeze with our huge network of raw material suppliers.  Just ask!

Step Two: Customizing to meet your needs

Converting and finishing materials to your specifications is what we do best. We work hand in hand with you to determine the best finishing and converting services for your particular application. Whether you need rolls, sheets, pads or packs, our expansive plastic film converting facilities can meet your most demanding specifications.

Lamination service

Multi-layer Lamination

Grafix Plastics provides plastic film lamination services which allow us to combine any number of our film products together to create composite film products, up to 38" wide. Read More

Trimming and Sheeting

Precision is the name of the game. Grafix Plastics provides plastic film materials in cut-to-size sheets, that start out either in large rolls or large master sheets. In addition to cutting our own plastic film materials to size, we can also sheet and cut your own materials to size. Plastic ... Read More

Finishing Services

Finding you the right materials is step number one: We know your application demands precision preparation as well.  Grafix Plastics is expert at a number of plastic film and plastic sheet finishing services: Precision Finishing Services Shaping Corner Rounding Hole Punching Die Cutting Roll-fed flat bed die cutting Rotary die cutting Kiss ... Read More

Precision Slitting

All plastic film and sheet materials start in large, wide rolls that can weigh up to 1,500 Lbs (700 Kg). Most folks who need plastic film and plastic sheeting can't handle material in this format, or they don't need that much. To meet this need, Grafix Plastics has wide format, ... Read More

Short Roll Rewinding

Rewinding short rolls is one of Grafix Plastics complementary capabilities to slitting. We can supply our materials in short rolls as well as long. By short, we mean rolls that are less than 500'. In addition to rewinding our own materials to size, we can also rewind our customer's materials ... Read More

Custom Plastic Film Sourcing

Not able to find the material you need? If it's not on our own shelves, we'll tap our extensive network of trusted polymer film manufacturers and value-added vendors to make the product you need to meet the specific demands of your application. Short Roll Rewinding Rewinding short rolls is one ... Read More

Step Three: Get your product

Our full service shipping department can get you what you need no matter the size: from envelope to ocean container we do it all.

Shipping Options at Grafix Plastics

Shipping Options

Getting your product to you is just as important to us as making your product. We offer a vast array of shipping options to meet your needs. Read More
Recycling plastic film and sheets at Grafix Plastics

Plastic film and sheet recycling

In the 21st century, recycling and sustainability are not just good ideas, but every part of your product life cycle. At Grafix Plastics, we can work with you to recycle your plastic scrap, offcuts, or discarded polymer materials. Simply put, if you can ship us your waste materials, we'll make ... Read More


Need your materials packed in a special configuration? Whether your materials need to be prepped for retail display, optimized for warehouse storage, or packaged for machine operator convenience, Grafix will custom package your materials in whatever configuration will work best for you. We can also simply package them in bulk! ... Read More


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