Plastic film and sheet recycling

In the 21st century, recycling and sustainability are not just good ideas, but important facets of every part of your product life cycle.  At Grafix Plastics, we can work with you to recycle your plastic scrap, offcuts, or discarded polymer materials.  Simply put, if you can ship us your waste materials, we’ll make sure they are properly recycled/reused/repurposed, and kept out of the landfill.

We maximize several different strategies that enable us to take most polymer materials, whether they are clean and segregated, or dirty, and mixed with other solid polymers or paper refuse. (Sorry folks, we can’t take the trash from your lunch room.)

Recycling Options

  • Recycle to Repurpose:  This is where we take plastic film and sheet materials, and it’s put to a new use for a new application.
  • Recycle to Regrind:  This is where segregated materials are ground up into flake, re-pelletized, and then re-processed into a finished product.
  • Recycle to Fuel:  This is where we grind up solid plastic and paper waste into dust, that dust is then compressed into high energy fuel pellets.  These pellets are then used to heat industrial cement kilns.  Further, the ash leftover from the spent fuel is then blended into future concrete batches as filler.

Regardless, we’ll keep your trash out of the landfill and make sure it lives on in other products.

When you’re ready to discuss recycling, contact us by starting an inquiry.