Clear DuraLar™ Polyester Film

The overall majority of film we sell is Clear DuraLar.  Clear DuraLar is a general purpose high clarity polyester film product line available in a range of thicknesses, and sizes, that provides a high performance, high clarity film at an attractive price point.

This product is well suited for a very diverse range of industrial applications, where a high clarity film is needed.


Features of DuraLar

  • Archival Quality
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Lay Flat
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Consistent Color
  • High Clarity
  • Non-yellowing
  • Heat Resistance up to 200°C
  • Great electrical resistance
  • Good tensile strength
  • Tear Resistance


Available Surface Treatments

Factory Treatments

  • Slip Treated
  • Adhesion Treated
  • Anti-Static
  • Wed Media Treated
  • Plain

Post Coatings

  • Hard Coatings
  • Digital Print
  • Adhesive
  • Laser Release

Note: Specific types of DuraLar can result in specific minimum quantity orders.


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Raw material sizes

Master Stock:


S=Stock item
C=Custom order (may result in min. order quants.)

Finished goods stock sizes


Wet Media


20" x 12'
20" x 25'
20" x 50'
20" x 100'
27" x 12'
27" x 25'
27" x 50'
27" x 100'
40" x 12'
40" x 25'
40" x 50'
40" x 100'
50" x 12'
50" x 25'
50" x 50'
50" x 100'
54" x 12'
54" x 25'
5"n x 50'
54in x 100'
Wet Media


Wet Media


Properties are based on .001″/24um general use Duralar polyester film. Properties of other gauges and finishes of DuraLar polyester film can vary.

General DuraLar Spec Sheet

Film PropertyValueUnitsTest Method
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength (MD)28,000psiASTM D 882
Tensile Strength (TD)34,000psiASTM D 882
Strength Elongation MD15,000psiASTM D 882
Strength F-5 TD14,000psiASTM D 882
Modulus MD710,000psiASTM D 882
Modulus TD740,000psiASTM D 882
Elongation MD115%ASTM D 882
Elongation TD92%ASTM D 882
Density1.39g/ccASTM D 1505
Viscosity0.56dL/gASTM D 4603
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength
AC, 20°C, .00092"7,000volts/milASTM D 149-64
Dielectric Constant
25°C, 1 kHz3.2ASTM D150-81
Dissipation Factor
25°C, 1 kHz0.005ASTM D150-65
Volume Resistivity 25°C1.00E+19ohm-cmASTM D257-78
Corona Threshold425V-ACASTM D2275-80
Thermal Properties
Melt Point200
Service Temperature Range -70-150C
Dimensional Stability
at 105° MD0.6%Measured Shrinkage
at 105° TD0.9%Measured Shrinkage
at 150° MD1.8%Measured Shrinkage
at 150° TD1.1%Measured Shrinkage
Specific Heat0.28
Thermal Expansion1.7x10-5ASTM D 696
Optical Properties
Transmission Visible> 88%
Transmission Near IR>80%
Refractive Index1.65RI
Chemical Properties
Resistance by Class
Water Vapor 0.1g/100 in2/24hr.ASTM E-96
Carbon Dioxide16g/100 in2/24hr.ASTM D1434-58
Moisture Absorption<.8%ASTM D-570-63
Stain ResistanceMost Household Agents & Chemicals
Table from Product Spec Sheet XLS

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  • DEHP, DBP and BBP free. Contact us for more details
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Meets MilSpec L-P-377C, types 1-4

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