Laser Fabrication

Our LaserPro™ laser-cutable stencil films have been a staple in the stencil and template industry for over 20 years. The coolest thing about LaserPro is that it can be cut in stacks without the individual sheets fusing together. Imagine the time you could save!

LaserPro is the very first specialty film Grafix Plastics developed ourselves. It is made from a unique polyester film base which has been specially coated for more efficient use in laser fabrication. (We can custom coat any type of oriented polyester base film with this same functional coating.)

Durable, chemically resistant, and customizable, LaserPro is offered in a variety of gauges and sizes. Certain production minimums may apply.

While the LaserPro laser-release coating on Grafix polyester film is the most cost-effective and efficient product to use in laser cutting, many of our plastic film products can be prepared for laser-cutting in stacks, if LaserPro film or a paper release liner is interleaved between the other plastic film materials. Check out our biodegradable acetate film, DuraLar film, surface protective films, or Polyolephin sheets, which are great substrates for this process.

Some of our products used in this industry

Grafix films are a cut above the rest!

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