You’ve got an innovative design that demands a plastic film and sheet solution. With so many useful products for furnishing and lighting design, production, and protection, we’ve got you covered!

Many furniture stores and manufacturers use .007” mil clear static cling film and other protective films to temporarily protect glass and other delicate smooth surfaces. These protective films supply the needed protection against scratches and abrasions, without affecting the look and integrity of the furnishings. When not needed, the film can be easily removed leaving no residue or haze. Grafix offers protective films in a variety of sizes, and can also cut and roll to fit any shape.

Our cutting edge decorative and light diffusing films are inspiring unique design and production in the furniture accessories and lighting fixtures industries. These films extend your imagination, options, and potential! Try our Diffuser Film products to enhance your LED- and fluorescent bulb-based fixtures for both home and office applications.

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