Grafix Cling Vinyl (PVC)

Static Cling Vinyl is a soft, polished, flexible vinyl and a great alternative to other adhesive films. Using only static cling as a binding agent, this material clings to most smooth glossy surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal. It sticks without any adhesive and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Grafix Cling PVC film is easy to work with and won’t lose its shape, its color, or its cling, making it ideal for signs, decals, window graphics, door coverings, protective masking, and decorative projects.

It is a must for applications where temporary adhesion is desired. Although Static Cling PVC film is not top-coated for printing, in certain circumstances, screen printing, UV offset, UV Flexography and Thermal Transfer may work. For projects where printing is vital, we recommend having the cling PVC film custom top-coated to optimize your printing results. Minimum production quantities will apply.


Features of Grafix Cling Vinyl :

  • Removable with no adhesive residue
  • Won’t lose shape, color or cling
  • Easy to die-cut
  • Repositionable and reusable
  • Dimensional Stability
  • High Gloss
  • Lay Flat
  • DEHP-free, RoHS compliant


Grafix Cling Vinyl Film offers you plenty of choices*:

  • Finishes
  • Stocked n .010″ mil
  • Clear, White
  • Gauges
  •  .007″ Clear with 10 pt. release board
  •  .006″ White with 8 pt. release board

*Not all finishes are available for each gauge and size


Raw materials stock:

Master roll (by width)


  • Clear .008″/150um on 10pt board, 54″
  • White .006″/170um on 7pt board, 54″
  • Opaque Colors .010″ on 7pt board, 54″

Finished goods stock:

Sheets9 x 12″24″x36″
Clear & White, .007″/170um
* Stock rolls available on a custom basis

Don’t see a size that you need? All our ClearLay Cling products can be slit to width, rolled to length, or cut to size. Check out our extensive converting services pages for a full range of converting options for our Clearlay products.


Properties are based on Clear Cling film. Properties of other gauges and finishes of Cling film can vary.

Film PropertyValuesUnitsTest Method
Physical PropertiesValueUnits
Surface Energy32-36Dynes/cm 2
Hardness (Shore A)50-100
Thickness> .010ASTM D-374-C
Tensile Strength
Tear Strength>485lb/inASTM-D-1004
Shrinkage<-5.2100°Cx30 minASTM-D-1204
Thermal Properties
Application Temperature0C-35°C
Service Temperature -18C-66°C
Melting Point149°C
Consumer Product Safety
Heavy Metal Content<.0016%
Lead (Pb)<90ppmEN71-3/EPA 3051A
Cadmium (Cd)<75ppmEN71-3
Chromium (Cr)<60ppmEN71-3
Phthalate<1000ppmASTM D7083-04

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Important Notice:  Grafix makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose.  The user is responsible for determining whether the Grafix product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application.  Please remember that many factors can affect the use and performance of a Grafix Plastics film product in a particular application.  Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and performance of a Grafix product, some of which are uniquely within the user’s knowledge and control, it is essential that the user evaluate the Grafix product to determine whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application.


  • DEHP, DBP and BBP free. Contact us for more details
  • RoHS Compliant

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