Polyester Film and Sheets, Mylar® and DuraLar™

The Versatile Wonder

The term “polyester” most commonly refers to the polymer polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. The go-to commodity film for many every-day products for over 30 years, polyester makes an excellent multipurpose film because of its high mechanical strength, durability, heat tolerance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability. You’ll find polyester in fabrics, finishes on high-quality wood products, beverage and food containers, and insulation for cushions and pillows. You probably have heard the brand name Mylar® used to generically describe plastic film. However, Mylar® is really a brand name for polyester sheets and film.

Polyester Sheets, Film, and Rolls, oh my!

There are so many varieties and brands of polyester to choose from! Grafix Plastics has a huge selection of PET film, sheets and rolls, and can customize them to meet your project’s demands.


Yes, Mylar® is polyester film (and polyester sheets and rolls), but is it what you need?

“Mylar” is a term often incorrectly used to refer to any type of plastic film. In reality, Mylar® is a registered trademark for a brand of biaxially oriented polyester film (BOPET) that belongs to Dupont/Teijin Film Enterprises. There are about 20 different grades and finishes Dupont/Teijin offers under the Mylar® brand.

Grafix Plastics offers several of the more popular versions of Mylar® brand, including Mylar® A film. So if you have a need for honest-to-goodness Mylar® polyester sheets, polyester film, or polyester rolls, we can help – whether you’re referring to “Mylar” in the generic sense, or you actually need Mylar® polyester sheets or film from Dupont/Teijin Film Enterprises.

DuraLar™ – Grafix Plastics’ brand of PET film

Grafix Plastics offers its own branded polyester film, sheets and rolls called DuraLar, in addition to many other popular brands, including Mylar®, Melinex®, Hostaphan®, Skyroll®.

DuraLar is our most popular and affordable PET brand. We stock DuraLar in a huge variety of thicknesses and finishes, including clear, hazy, metallized, adhesive, and archival. Its excellent physical properties make it a versatile, top-of-the-line performer.

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Mylar® is a registered trademark of Dupont Teijin Films. Only Dupont Teijin Films makes Mylar®. Grafix Plastics stocks some Mylar® brand products; please contact us for more information.