Vinyl Rolls and Sheets

Vinyl film and sheets: Versatility and value

Vinyl film and vinyl sheets are excellent choices when versatility and value are a must. Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl film and sheets are quite economical and highly durable – two of the many reasons they are used in nearly every industry, from automotive and health care. to printing and housewares.

Depending on the way it’s formulated, vinyl can be either rigid or flexible. Because vinyl softens easily, it is well suited for thermoforming, printing, and box lid applications. It’s great for making decals, blister packs, credit cards and commercial signage, and offers excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

PVC sheets and film can be made even softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. (Remember the clear plastic on your grandma’s living room couch? That’s flexible vinyl.)

Vinyl film and sheets offer endless possibilities!

Grafix stocks a large selection of ClearLayrigid vinyl sheets and film in clear gloss and five transparent colors. Through our extensive vendor network, we also have access to a large variety of different types of vinyl in thicker gauges, in gloss and matte, translucent color, opaque color, fluorescent, hand, calendared matte, roller-polished, and press-polished. If you have a color and finish in mind, just ask! We can customize to your heart’s content. The possibilities go on and on.

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