Surface Protection Film Applications

Our protective films have you covered!

Grafix Plastics offers a unique line of films to help protect surfaces against dust, dirt, fingerprints, contamination, scratching and abrasion common during production, shipping and storage in so many industries, from automotive and aerospace to electronics and construction.

While most industrial protective films are self-wound, ours feature a release liner that makes them so much easier for you to work with. Durable and practical, our surface protection films require less set-up on your part prior application. They are easy to apply (even manually!) and can later be removed cleanly without tearing or leaving any residue or haze.

Surface protection materials are always available in a range of stock roll and sheet sizes, and can also be cut, slit, packaged and/or rolled to meet your needs.

Does your application require a film with special properties? Grafix can custom manufacture film to meet your application’s demands for adhesion, thickness, color, type of surface, conditions (e.g., anti-static, UV protected, laser resistant, flame retardant),  or to withstand specific fabrication processes.

Please discuss your unique requirements with one of our sales staff to help select the right material for your application. Just click start an inquiry to get started.