Hazy Duralar™ Polyester Film

Hazy DuraLar® is a tough general purpose polyester film base with a hazy translucent finish. Hazy DuraLar’s durable physical and electrical properties make it the ideal choice for all kinds of industrial applications.

Applications for Hazy DuraLar include but are not limited to: wire, cable and motor insulation, transfer film base, casting and release liner, reinforcing composite constructions, laminating films, and more.  Of course, our favorite application is our own Hazy Laser – stack laser cut-able stencil film!


Features of Hazy DuraLar

  • Excellent balance of mechanical properties
  • Good thermal stability
  • Extra dielectric strength
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals


Hazy DuraLar is always in stock!

  • .005″/125um – 60″ mostly, 36″ sometimes, custom widths available.
  • .010″/250um – 60″ mostly, custom widths available.
  • .014″/325um – Check with us to see what we have.

Other thicknesses of Hazy DuraLar are available but not in stock. Contact us for more information.
Sheets, rolls, and packs of Hazy DuraLar are made to order, but not kept in stock.

Check out our extensive converting services pages for a full range of converting options.  Like all our other film products, Hazy DuraLar can be sheeted or slit to your size requirements!

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Properties are based on .010″/250um general use Hazy DuraLar polyester film. Properties of other gauges and finishes of DuraLar polyester film can vary.

Film PropertyValueUnitsTest Method
Physical Properties
  Tensile Strength (MD)27000psiASTM D 882
Tensile Strength (TD)27000psiASTM D 882
  Strength Elongation MD15000psiASTM D 882
Strength F-5 TD14000psiASTM D 882
  Modulus MD710000psiASTM D 882
Modulus TD740000psiASTM D 882
  Elongation MD150%ASTM D 882
Elongation TD150%ASTM D 882
  Density1.4g/ccASTM D 1505
Water Absorbtion0.55% ASTM D 1505
Service Temp-70 to 150Deg CInternal
Electrical Properties
  Dielectric Constant   
25°C, 1 kHz2.6-3.7ASTM D150-81
  Dissipation Factor   
25°C, 1 kHz0.0015ASTM D150-65
  Volume Resistivity 25°C1.0E+16ohm-cmASTM D257-78
Surface Resistivity1.0E+12OhmASTM D257
Termal Properties
Shrinkage @ 150C- MD1.2%ASTM D1204
Shrinkage @ 150C- TD0.04%ASTM D1204
Shrinkage @ 190C- MD2%ASTM D1204
Shrinkage @ 190C- TD1%ASTM D1204
Melting Point255Deg CDSC
Service Temp-70 to 150Deg C
Specific Heat @ 25C0.32Cal/g/C

Chemical Resistance
Dilute acids and AlkalisGood
Concentrated AlkalisPoor
Concentrated HCLFair
Concentrated H2SO4Poor
Greases, oils, & FatsGood
Organic Solvents, Alcohols
and HydrocarbonsGood
Keytones, Esters and
Chlorinated compoundsFairly Good
Phenols, Cresols and
Chlorinated PhenolsPoor
Household cleanersGood
Optical Properties
 Haze93 % 
Refractive Index1.65RI


  • Hazy DuraLar meets UL Flame Class VTM-2, contact us for more details.
  • DEHP, DBP and BBP free. Contact us for more details.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Meets MilSpec L-P-377C Type I

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