Commodity Plastics

Commodity plastics are literally embedded in your every day life. In fact, you’re looking through several layers of polyester film right now, through your screen. Commodity plastics are entire families of products made of a particular polymer. People sometimes use generic terms to refer to commodity plastic film or plastic sheets – terms like Mylar, Polyester Film and Sheets, Acetate, and Vinyl, to name a few. These terms actually refer to very specific films, and sometimes a whole family of plastic film and sheets.

Materials like Polyester ( PET Film ), Vinyl ( PVC Film ), Acetate Film, High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE ) and Polypropylene Sheeting are used everywhere – in potato chip bags, menus, sterile medical supplies in your doctor’s office, and signage of all kinds. Commodity plastic film and plastic sheets are widely used in electronics, aerospace, and many more industrial and commercial sectors.

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