Reflective Film

At Grafix Plastics, we have a number of different plastic film and sheet products that are used as light reflection applications, whether it’s in flat panel displays, light fixtures, or instrument panels.  Most common is our Metallized DuraLar™ polyester film.

Metallized Duralar is an excellent bright mirror like specular reflective film, and available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes.  Check out our Metalized DuraLar page for more details.

White diffuse reflective material is available in a number of materials.  If you’re looking for an opaque white, diffuse reflective material, please check out our different materials pages for different offerings:

  • DuraLar:  Polyester film base available (on a custom basis) in bright white, in matte and gloss.
  • ClearLay:  Rigid Vinyl film base available (on a custom basis) in bright white, in matte and gloss
  • Polyolefin: HDPE and Polypropylene sheeting available in bright white, generally available in Matte
  • HIPS: High Impact Polystyrene sheeting.  A dead white opaque, printable (screen/offset) material used in POP signage.

Watch this space for new and exciting products being developed by Grafix Plastics in the coming months!

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