Test equipment applications for plastic film and sheets

In nearly every industry, testing is the way to insure dependability. From rock formation to road performance, physics to forensics, Grafix Plastics films can play an instrumental role in your testing processes and procedures. And with such a variety of options available, our materials expertise is your key to finding the correct solution.

Fisheries, environmental and regulatory agencies use Grafix cellulose acetate  to “fingerprint” salmon to analyze their age, health, and migratory patterns. Geologists and paleontologists use it to create acetate peels to identify and categorize fossils found in limestone. Acetate is also the go-to film for micro-crack detection in critical metal parts for the aerospace industry.

Our forensic films provide crime labs and crime scene investigators with several innovative, low-cost products to improve forensic testing.

Research universities the world over rely on Grafix Plastics to get them the materials they need for their sensitive experiments. Often, physicists, astronomers, and other scientists come to us because they need a specific material to perform a very specific way but lack the personal knowledge of the plastic film world that would enable them to source the needed products effectively. Our knowledgable sales staff is ready to assist.

Our specialty films and commodity films are used as components, carriers or protection for a large variety of testing equipment as well as in procedures, especially in circumstances where materials are instrumental in maintaining a tightly-controlled performance environment.

Please contact us to discuss your particular testing applications with one of our expert staff to help you navigate our many options. Launch our handy start an inquiry form to get started.