Medical / Dental applications for plastic film and sheets

Grafix Plastics has been supplying plastic film and sheet products to the medical and dental industries for more than 50 years!

Our custom-made, private-labeled, cephalometric tracing pads are the number one product used across the globe for manually plotting cephalograms while protecting the underlying x-ray.  This same film is used by orthopedic surgeons and other medical practitioners to protect the integrity of their x-ray images while drawing on them to create operative plans.

Plastic films are used in face shields, protective eye wear, mouth guards, and pharmaceutical packaging. In MRI centers, all tools and surrounding equipment must be plastic to keep objects from being attracted to the magnetic pull of the MRI machine.

Certain materials certifications may be required of your plastic film in medical applications whether using the film directly or indirectly; be sure to discuss your specific application with one of our knowledgeable sales staff to determine which product is most appropriate for your needs. Click start an inquiry and tell us how we can help.