Mylar® polyester film, Melinex®, and other film brands

Brand-name polyester films like Mylar® brand, Melinex, and more!

Looking for a high-performance film at an affordable price? There is no substitute for polyester film. It’s why so many manufacturers make a wide variety of film grades that are optimized for specific industry applications, including construction, photovoltaics, electronics and electrical components, health care, identity and security, imaging, printing and recording media, packaging, and more. Mylar® brand is just the beginning!

Whether you need a particular brand name polyester film, like Mylar® brand, Melinex, Hostiphan®, or Skyroll®, or an application-specific film from our own DuraLar™ line, Grafix Plastics can help. We work with polyester film manufacturers all over the world, so we can provide you film from specific mills with the exact properties needed for your application.


It may seem like most grades, types, and sources of polyester film are pretty much the same. But manufacturers actually go to great lengths to tweak the performance characteristics of their various brands and grades for very specific applications. Within each brand there are a plethora of polyester film products designed for specific applications:

Types of Branded Polyester Film

  • Industrial/Hazy Base Film: Hazy DuraLar, Mylar® Type A, Melinex Type S, Skyroll SR, and others.
  • Conventional Adhesion Treated: Print Treated DuraLar, Melinex (Various), Skyroll (various), and others
  • Archival Grade Base Film: Archival DuraLar, Melinex (various), Hostaphan (various), Skyroll (various), and others.
  • Slip Treated Base Film: SlipTreat DuraLar, Melinex (various), Hostaphan (various), Skyroll (various) and others.
  • Anti-Static Base Film: Anti-Stat DuraLar.
  • Matte Base Film: Matte DuraLar, Melinex (various), Hostaphan (various), Skyroll (various) and others.

And that’s just the beginning! There are a number of other specialty polyester films manufactured for specific applications.


Some of the major brands we work with

  • Dupont/Teijin Films: Mylar® brand, Melinex, Teonex, Cronar
  • Mitsubishi Polyester Films: Hostaphan
  • SKC Polyester Films: Skyrol

Other specific brands available upon request.


Some of the major brands we keep in stock

  • High Clarity: Duralar, Melinex, Hostaphan, Skyroll and more!
  • Hazy: DuraLar, Mylar® brand, Skyroll, and more!
  • Matte: DuraLar, Melinex, and more!

Available material depends on the thickness and size you need it. If we don’t have it, we can make it on a custom basis. We can also source most of today’s polyester film brands from anywhere in the world.

In any case, we’ve got you covered! Grafix’s experienced team is ready to make your job easy. Whether you want our own exceptional DuraLar polyester film or a specific manufacturer’s brand and grade, or you need help discerning what product is best for you, we’ve got the chops, and the resources.

Please contact us with your requirements today by clicking start an inquiry.