Forensics applications for plastic film and sheets

When it comes to innovative specialty forensics films, Grafix Plastics is the supplier of choice for local, state, and national law enforcement agencies, crime scene investigators and other forensics experts.

Our Easy-Lift™ static film is a low-cost, high-accuracy solution for recovering, transporting and preserving impressions from a variety of surfaces. More practical and cost-effective than other electrostatic dust lifters, Easy-Lift provides exceptional detail and superior quality.

For creating effective surface relief impressions, Grafix Impressions™ is a great little clear polyester film specially coated to accept a wide range of inks. Available in convenient rolls specifically sized for tire tread applications, Impressions film makes it easy to create detailed impressions to compare, identify and match vehicles to tire treads.

We also have a wide range of protective films for use as overlays for documents and court evidence, as well as for archiving vital evidence for long term storage. PSA DuraLar, for example is a great product for permanently protecting important documents to ensure longevity.

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