Baking and Chocolate

Even the tastiest products can benefit from Grafix Plastics’ innovative materials. We supply food-safe plastic film and sheets used extensively by bakers, chocolatiers, cake decorators and caterers to create, effectively protect, and attractively market their food products. From preparation, packaging and wrapping to stencils and other design tools, Grafix Plastics always has a sweet deal for you.

Our cellulose acetate is one of the most popular plastic films used by the hospitality industry because of its special properties which aid in food presentation and storage. Its excellent moisture permeability minimizes the risk of fogging in chilled display cabinets. Its high moisture transmission ratio allows condensation to pass through the film, ensuring your product remains fresh and attractive.  Acetate also reduces the risk of unwanted chemicals migrating into the food products.

Ready to get cookin? Our materials experts can help determine which food-safe product will meet your specific needs. Launch our handy start an inquiry form to connect with us.