How do you apply DuraLar adhesive backed film?

Adhesive DuraLar Film

Both the adhesive-backed film and your surface should be clean and free of any dust, oils or grease. Slowly remove the film from the liner and place the top edge in position. Then gently smooth from the top downward and outward to remove air bubbles. You can use an application roller or even a credit card to … Read more

Is DuraLar adhesive backed film laser cutable?

Adhesive DuraLar Film

DuraLar adhesive-backed film can be laser-cut in single sheets and in stacks. The base film, adhesive system, and paper liner are all safe to cut.  The paper liner used with the PSA films makes it possible for the film to be laser cut in stacks; the paper works as a barrier that keeps the sheets from … Read more

Is DuraLar Adhesive Backed Film printable?

Adhesive Backed Film

DuraLar Adhesive Back Film is not designed to be printed specifically, By enlarge our DuraLar films are able to be screen printed.  We recommend you contact your ink vendor for more information on printing on Polyester Film.  This product is not designed for digital printing.  For digital printing on Adhesive Backed Film, please check out … Read more

How long will DuraLar adhesive backed film stick?

Adhesive DuraLar Film

There is no specific service life or shelf life for DuraLar adhesive-backed film. Many variables can affect the use and performance of the pressure-sensitive adhesive in a particular application, including what surface the product is being adhered to, quality of application, external conditions, and type of final application. Therefore, it is essential that you evaluate the … Read more

Is Mylar® plastic film safe for food contact?

a roll of mylar polyester film

There are very specific grades of Mylar® brand, and other branded Polyester Film, that are certified for contact with food.  Those need to be sourced on a specific custom basis.  Grafix stocks other products that are FDA certified such as Acetate, Specific Grades of Polyester Film, HDPE & Polypropylene.  Other food-safe films are available to … Read more

Is Mylar® plastic film Biodegradable?

a roll of mylar polyester film

Mylar® brand is not certified as biodegradable, although it can be recycled through a variety of recycling processes. We stock Acetate Film and Sheets, which are 100% biodegradable and environmently friendly.  Contact us to discuss your biodegradability needs today.

Can Mylar® plastic film be used outdoors?

a roll of mylar polyester film

We do not recommend using Mylar® brand (polyester film) for outdoor applications.  Although it may be suitable for short term projects, it is not geared to tolerate sunlight over long periods of time.  Long term exposure to the elements can cause the film to yellow, become brittle or turn hazy. The best product that we … Read more

What Mylar® plastic film finishes are available?

Rolls of Hazy DuraLar Polyester Film and Sheets

There are a range of different finishes and opacities of Mylar® brand polyester film: Transparent – You are able to see through the film clearly, like looking through glass. Matte Translucent – Light passes through, but objects on the other side are not clearly distinguished unless the film is laid flat over them (contact clarity). … Read more

Can I print on Mylar® plastic film?

Plastic film and sheets for printing

There are many different grades of branded polyester film designed to be printed on, including Mylar® brand.  There are also many types that should not be printed, or printed only by very specific methods.  If you’re interested in Digital Printing, please check out our ComputerGrafix™ products.  Contact us today to discuss your printing requirements, so we … Read more