What are plastic sheets?

Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets

Plastic Sheets are defined as a continuous form of plastic material, that is thicker than .010″ (.25mm) and usually wound up on a core, but mostly cut into sheets. Anything thinner is considered Plastic Film. There is a HUGE universe of plastic film materials, that can range from being made of a simple single plastic material to being a complex structure of different materials and coatings, depending on the needs of the application. Further Plastic Sheets can be manufactured out of different Plastic Resins, each which has it’s own unique physical properties once again depending on the needs of the application.

How can Shrink-Art Film be printed?

Shrinky Dink, Shrink Art Film

Our plain Shrink-Art Film is mostly screen printable, although it should also be printable via other conventional printing methods.  Please consult your ink vendor for specifics on ink formulations, etc.  For digital printing we offer our Desktop Inkjet Printable Shrink-Art Film, designed for consumer grade inkjet printers.  DO NOT put these products through PPC/Laser or … Read more

How can I print on Polypropylene Plastic Sheets?

Polypropylene sheets (PP) are an ideal choice for industrial applications. Clear, matte and colors available. Contact our materials experts to get started!

Polypropylene sheets are compatible with screen printing and offset-lithography.  Before you attempt to print on this type of material please contact your ink vendor to see what types of inks can be used with Polypropylene sheets.  We can even provide you with sample sheets of material, that you can then have your ink vendor analyze to … Read more