Are our HDPE and Polypropylene sheets biodegradable?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheets are a durable polyolefin, Grafix has many sizes and finishes of HDPE sheets. Contact us today.

Are our HDPE and Polypropylene sheets biodegradable? No, they are not. The only biodegradable film product we offer is acetate film and sheets.

Do HDPE sheets have good insulation properties?

Do HDPE sheets have good insulation properties? Yes, but not as good as those of polyester film products. Because HDPE is a polyethylene polymer, it’s not as heat-resistant as polyester film. Where HDPE excels is in low temperature applications. HDPE can be cooled down to -100 degrees Fahrenheit without becoming brittle.

Do HDPE and Polypropylene sheets have good electrical properties?

Do HDPE and Polypropylene sheets have good electrical properties? No. Electricity generates heat, but because of polyolefin’s low melting point, you want to keep this material away from elevated temperatures. For electrical applications, we recom-mend our Hazy DuraLar™ polyester film products. Please contact us today and we can help you with your requirements.