How to use Shrink Art films

Shrinky Dink, Shrink Art Film

Grafix Shrink Art Film Instructions: Draw or trace a design on the film. –  Decorate with permanent inks, markers and rubber stamps. –  If inkjet version was purchased, this film is printable on both sides. Cut out the design. –  Use with regular/decorative scissors or die cutting systems. –  If needed, punch holes with a … Read more

How should I clean LaserPro stencil film?

Laser-cuttable film and sheets

Before the film is cut, we recommend using only warm soap and water. Household cleaners, many of which are ammonia- or alcohol-based, will change the anti-fuse properties of the surface of the film.  This is also the case with solvents like paint thinner.  Once the film is cut, however, you may clean it with anything you’d … Read more

Can I print on LaserPro stencil film?

Laser-cuttable film and sheets

No. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any printing method for LaserPro stencil films. The very feature that makes it laser-cuttable in stacks is what prevents ink and toner from sticking to its surface. If you need a laser-cuttable film that is also printable, we suggest you look at our Drafting Film products.  For more information on … Read more

Do you have laser cutting instructions for LaserPro stencil film?

Laser-cuttable film and sheets

No, we do not. There are many variables that will determine how LaserPro stencil films will cut, such as type of laser machine, setting options, and the thickness of the LaserPro film. LaserPro stencil films were developed more than 15 years ago, to be able to be laser cut in stacks of sheets and not be … Read more