How can I print on Dura-Bright™ Synthetic Papers?

Printability is one of Dura-Bright™’s best qualities. Dura-Bright is compatible with screen printing and offset lithography. Before you attempt to print on this type of material, we strongly recommend you contact your ink vendor to see what types of inks can be used with polypropylene sheets. We can even provide you with sample sheets of … Read more

How to use Shrink Art films

Shrinky Dink, Shrink Art Film

Grafix Shrink Art Film Instructions: Draw or trace a design on the film. –  Decorate with permanent inks, markers and rubber stamps. –  If inkjet version was purchased, this film is printable on both sides. Cut out the design. –  Use with regular/decorative scissors or die cutting systems. –  If needed, punch holes with a … Read more