Are Clearlay™ vinyl film and sheets suitable for outdoor applications?

PVC Film and Sheets

Are Clearlay™ vinyl film and sheets suitable for outdoor applications? Not really. Although they may be suitable for some shorter term outdoor projects, they are not made to tolerate high temperatures or excessive exposure to UV light. Long term exposure to the elements can cause the material to yellow, become brittle, or turn hazy. So … Read more

What does Static Cling vinyl sheets stick to?

Cling Vinyl Sheets

Our stock static cling vinyl works best on glossy, smooth surfaces such as glass and metal. Static cling vinyl sheets will not stick to paper, walls, or wood, or anything even slightly rough. We have a variety of other types of adhesive film and sheets that are designed to stick to these types of surfaces. … Read more

How do I clean and/or recharge static cling vinyl sheets ?

Cling Vinyl Sheets

If the static cling vinyl sheets become dirty, just clean them with mild soap and water and let air dry.  Once the film is dry, the material should cling once again. It is important that both the static cling sheets and the surface to which you’re adhering them are dust- and dirt-free.

How do I apply Static Cling vinyl sheets?

Cling Vinyl Sheets

Both the static cling vinyl and your surface should be clean and free of any dust, oils or grease. Slowly remove the film from the liner and place the top edge in position, then gently smooth from the top downward and outward to remove air bubbles. You can use an application roller or even a credit card … Read more