How can I print on DFML?

DFML can be printed on its gloss side, by Screen Printing, or Offset Lithography.  DFML might be suitable for Solvent, Latex or UV Curable Inkjet printing, which are the only digital printing options could work on DFML.  DO NOT USE DFML in any plain paper copier, laser printer, or other heat fusing digital printing technology.

Is DFML Thermoformable?

Yes, DFML is Thermoformable.  However the more you draw this film, the more the micro louvre lens surface gets distorted.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the diffusion you are trying to create.  For something like this, it is always best to experiment.

How should I clean LaserPro stencil film?

Laser-cuttable film and sheets

Before the film is cut, we recommend using only warm soap and water. Household cleaners, many of which are ammonia- or alcohol-based, will change the anti-fuse properties of the surface of the film.  This is also the case with solvents like paint thinner.  Once the film is cut, however, you may clean it with anything you’d … Read more