How do you apply DuraLar adhesive backed film?

Both the adhesive-backed film and your surface should be clean and free of any dust, oils or grease. Slowly remove the film from the liner and place the top edge in position. Then gently smooth from the top downward and outward to remove air bubbles. You can use an application roller or even a credit card to help remove any bubbles.  A squeegee may be used, but care should be taken not to stretch or scratch the film. If the piece to be applied is large, it may help to remove only the top third or so of the film from the liner at first, apply the exposed media, and smooth it into place. Then, slowly and carefully peel the backing away and smooth the remaining film into place. After the whole piece of film is applied, gently smooth it down from the top and out to the edges, removing as many air bubbles as you can.