Can I print on plastic film and sheets?

Printing on plastic film and sheets is a very common application. However, the techniques used to print on the vast number of different plastics is very detailed. Usually, the method and techniques chosen have to do with the plastic material itself, as well as the type of printing.

In general, there are two types of printing – conventional and digital. With respect to our plastic film and sheet products, there are three levels of “printability”. A plastic film or sheet product either:

1) is printable with the specific technology/ink/equipment

2) can be printed with the specific technology/ink/equipment, BUT is not specifically designed to be printed this way. (In these cases, we recommend you test the product extensively with your printing process in order to determine whether the product you want will be printable.**)

3) is NOT printable with the specific technology/ink/equipment, and printing should not be attempted.

With regard to conventional printing applications, many of our commodity plastic film and sheet products fall under the second level of printability. In digital printing applications, all three levels can apply; here’s where Grafix saves the day (!) helping you understand what your material possibilities are given the method of printing your project will employ.

For more direct assistances from our expert staff, please start an inquiry with your specific plastic film or sheet printing requirements