What polyester film finishes are available?

As extruded, there are four general finishes available in polyester film:
Transparent – You are able to see through the film clearly, like looking through glass
Matte Translucent Light passes through, but objects on the other side are not clearly distinguished unless the film is laid flat over them (contact clarity)
Opaque – You are not able to see through the film, and light does not pass through.
Hazy – Light transmission is obscured by particles in the film. Usually you can see through the film, but not clearly. There are different degrees of hazy film available.

Generally, colors other than white and black are rarely made via extrusion, because the minimum production quantities are so large. Color on polyester film is achieved through post- extrusion flood coating. Depending on the nature of your application, we can support this too, on a custom basis. Please contact us today for more information.