What is Mylar® plastic film?

Mylar® brand is the registered trademark owned by the E.I. DuPont Corporation for bi-axially oriented polyester film (BOPET). For years, the term “Mylar” has been mistakenly used as a generic term used to describe a range of different plastic films. For example, people who work in the architecture or engineering business usually use the term “Mylar” when referring to matte drafting film. People who work in graphic arts, printing, or document archiving tend to use the term “Mylar” to refer more generally to high clarity plastic film. Many people also mistakenly say “Mylar” when referring to the shiny silver material that is often used for balloons, but that is actually a nylon-based material that we do not stock.

Grafix Plastics offers a variety of polyester films, including specific grades of Mylar® brand and other branded polyester films from various manufacturers.  Our general purpose polyester film, DuraLar™, is comparable to Mylar® brand because they share many general characteristics. This type of film works well when specific high tolerance, controlled properties are not necessary.  If you need a more specialized film for a particular application there is a plethora of specific types and grades of material available which can be special ordered to meet your needs. Including Mylar® brand and Melinex® brand polyester film products. Contact our sales team today to discuss your needs.