What are the advantages of using Acetate film and sheets?

Acetate is environmentally friendly and offers significant advantages for use in many industries. Because it is a solution-cast film made from wood and cotton, it has unique properties, including the ability to transmit moisture, optical clarity, and low birefringence.   For example, acetate film is ideal for use with bakery products that are packed while still hot. Since it has a high moisture transmission ratio (WVTR), condensation passes through the film, ensuring the product remains fresh and at the same time avoiding condensation on the film surface. Acetate film also has excellent moisture permeability, which minimizes the risk of fogging in chilled display cabinets. Because  acetate film is food-safe, it is well suited for use in food packaging, as it ensures there is no migration of unwanted material into the food products.

Acetate film is 100% biodegradable; all its main components are produced from natural wood pulp and cotton, and not fossil fuels. The wood pulp is sourced from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) managed plantations, which typically plant more trees than harvested to ensure no endangered hardwoods are used.