Are HDPE sheets archival?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheets are a durable polyolefin, Grafix has many sizes and finishes of HDPE sheets. Contact us today.

Are HDPE sheets archival? Not really. These materials are pH neutral, and are the most UV-stable materials we stock. But because these materials are thicker sheets and not glass clear, there is no demand for this material in archival applications, so they have not been tested or certified for archival properties. If you need a … Read more

Is ClearLay™ vinyl film and sheets archival?

PVC Film and Sheets

Is ClearLay™ vinyl film and sheets archival? No. Over a very long time, PVC, including ClearLay, can get brittle and breakdown. Even though our ClearLay product is pH neutral, and can be easily welded to itself, it can out gas materials. We can not recommend this product for long term archival storage solutions. How will you be using … Read more