Are Vinyl Sheets Food Safe?

Our stock Vinyl Sheets are not certified for contact with food.  Grafix stocks other products that are FDA certified such as Acetate, HDPE & Polypropylene, and select grades of Polyester Film. We can custom source food safe vinyl sheets and film on a special order basis.

Does Vinyl film and sheets contain plasticizers?

Colored Vinyl Sheets

Some do, and some don’t.  Plasticizer is used to give Vinyl it’s soft feeling and greater pliability.  The softer the Vinyl the more plasticizer has been used.  Our ClearLay Rigid Vinyl Film and Sheets do not have any plasticizer in them, so they are relatively hard.  On the other end of the scale is our … Read more

Can Vinyl Sheets be Used Outdoors?

PVC Film and Sheets

We do not recommend using our stock vinyl film and sheets for outdoor applications.  Although they may be suitable for short term projects, they not geared to tolerate extreme temperatures or sunlight.  Long term exposure to the elements can cause the material to yellow, become brittle or turn hazy. The best product that we stock … Read more