Is Cling vinyl film food-safe?

Is Cling vinyl film food-safe? No, they are not. Grafix stocks other types of film products that are, including acetate, specific brands and grades of polyester film, HDPE and polypropylene. Other types food-safe films are available as a custom order; larger production minimums may apply.

Is Cling vinyl film suitable for outdoor applications?

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Is Cling vinyl film suitable for outdoor applications? No!  Alt-hough it may be suitable for some shorter term outdoor projects, it does not tolerate high temperatures or exposure to excessive UV light. Long term exposure to the elements can cause the material to yellow, become brittle, or turn hazy. The best products we stock for outdoor … Read more

What is the heat resistance of Cling vinyl film?

What is the heat resistance of Grafix Cling vinyl film? Cling PVC film starts to soften at 60C/140F. This is due to its high plasticizer content. The softer the film, the more plasticizer, the lower temp it melts at. So if your film will only be exposed to a heat environment below 60C/140F, Cling PVC film … Read more

Is Grafix Cling vinyl film archival?

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Is Cling vinyl film archival? No. Cling PVC film is loaded with plasticizers, to make the PVC soft and flexible. These plasticizers can outgas from the film over time, making Cling PVC inappropriate for long term archival storage. How will you be using this film in an archival application? If you need a good archival grade … Read more

Can Static Cling Vinyl Sheets be used Outdoors?

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We do not recommend using our stock Static Cling for outdoor applications.  Although it may be suitable for short term projects, it is not geared to tolerate extreme temperatures or sunlight.  Long term exposure to the elements can cause the film to yellow, become brittle and crack or turn hazy.   Moisture will interrupt the bond … Read more

Are Static Cling Vinyl Sheets Printable?

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Our stock Static Cling vinyl sheets are not compatible for printing.  Specific grades of static cling film are available for specific types of printing such as Screen Printing, and Offset Lithography.  The only digital printing grades of cling film that are available are for inkjet printing and other low print methods.  If you’re looking to … Read more