The “Skinny” on thickness

Plastic Film and Sheet thickness is expressed in a number of different formats all related to length. In the English measurement system, we use inches (in decimals) and gauge, so a sheet of .005″ thick material is also 500 gauge.  In the Metric measurement system,  we use microns (um) and millimeters (mm).  There are 1000um in a mm.  So the same sheets as described earlier is 125um thick, or .125mm thick.

In reference to thickness or gauge, is “mils” the same as millimeters or microns?
No, the gauge or thickness of plastic film is expressed in thousands of an inch, said as “mils”. For example, .005″ is said “5 mils”.

These are all different forms of measurement. One millimeter = .039″ or “39 mils” thick.  While One “mil” = .024mm = .001″

About how thick is a mil?
A piece of copier paper is about .004″ (4 mils) thick.

Typically, what thickness of film does Grafix stock?
While we stock a wide selection of products at various thicknesses, please check with us to be certain the thickness you need is in stock. Grafix does not stock film thinner than .001″ (1 mil) and thicker than .020″ (20 mil).

Equivalency Chart
(thousands of an inch)
Microns Millimeters
.001″ 24 .0254
.002″ 50 .0508
.003″ 72 .0765
.004″ 96 .1016
.005″ 120 .127
.007″ 168 .1778
.010″ 240 .254
.015″ 360 .381
.020″ 480 .508
Grafix Plastics stocks a wide variety of different kinds of plastic film products, in a variety of thicknesses and finishes.  Please check specific product pages for the specific thicknesses available for each kind of material.