Why SafeShot™?

We are living in the 21st Century, and everyone wants to use their smartphone all the time! Especially during a Solar Eclipse!

Eclipse viewers fumbling with phones.

These pictures confirmed what we saw during 2017 total solar eclipse. Look at all those smartphones glowing in the darkness below!

By the way, when you are wearing eclipse glasses you can’t see anything other than the sun. So you have to take them off to mess with your smartphone. This creates a challenging and distracted experience, especially during the four or so minutes of eclipse totality!

Look at all the smartphones.
2017 Solar Eclipse totality. Look at all those lit-up smartphones!

We created SafeShot to reduce the hassle factor and allow you to enjoy the splendor of the eclipse, with much less distraction.

Safeshot Eclipse viewer in action.

SafeShot solves the problem!

  • Take images of the sun with your smartphone
  • Watch at the same time
  • Easy to hold, convenient