Are Laser-printable Films (PPC/Laser) archival?

PPC-Laser copier printable film and sheets

Are Laser-printable Films (PPC/Laser)  archival? No. There are three aspects that go into determining whether a film is actually archival grade: 1- whether it is pH neutral, 2- whether or not the film will impact what it comes in contact with, and 3- whether it can be sonic-ally welded to itself. PPC/Laser Films are all Clear, pH … Read more

Is ClearLay™ vinyl film and sheets archival?

PVC Film and Sheets

Is ClearLay™ vinyl film and sheets archival? No. Over a very long time, PVC, including ClearLay, can get brittle and breakdown. Even though our ClearLay product is pH neutral, and can be easily welded to itself, it can out gas materials. We can not recommend this product for long term archival storage solutions. How will you be using … Read more

Is Acetate an archival grade film?

Is Acetate an archival grade film? Yes! A pH neutral film, Acetate is breathable, which means it will allow air and moisture to pass through it, making it ideal for storage applications. It will not outgas materials and it can be welded to itself.  It is also a clarity film, with optical transmission > 90% … Read more