Krazy Karl’s Off-Cuts of Plastic Film and Sheets!

Crazy Karl, Offcuts, DealsBecause Grafix Plastics specializes in custom orders, we constantly generate odd-sized sheets and rolls of plastic film that we can offer at KRAZY discounts!

If you are looking for plastic film or sheet for testing, or just need smaller amounts to finish a job, you may find what you need on our off-cuts list. If you don’t see what you need now, be sure to check back: We update the list regularly.

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MINIMUM ORDER $50.00GaugeQtyWidth (inches)Length (feet)Weight (lbs.)Price  
Yellow Sparkle HoloGrafix with PSA.002124"720'432868.5
Clear Acetate0.003110"6450'111790.81
Clear Duralar with PSA0.005112"2000'86.4747.3
Matte Duralar0.005112"2500'90712.8
Matte Duralar0.005112"225081641.52
Matte Duralar0.005112"1500'54427.68
Clear Duralar with PSA0.00536"1700'36.72317.62
Matte Duralar0.00516.5"200039308.88
Matte Duralar0.005112"1000'36285.12
Matte Duralar0.00516"2000'36285.12
Wet Media Acetate005120550'33231
Clear Duralar with PSA0.00537"1000"25217.98
Matte Duralar0.00526"150027213.84
Matte Duralar0.00526"1450'26.1205.9
Matte/matte drafting film0.00516"1084'19.52189.07
Gold PVC0.02230"60'21.16171
Silver Crystals Holografix on 6" core.002125"350'11165.27
Silver Duralar.00226"3000'21.60145.8
Silver Duralar.00225.25"3000'19128.25
Gold Duralar with PSA - pack of 2000.00248.5"11"2.877.97
Clear Acetate517"500'1071.25
PM Diffuser Film Packs/100.007304"48"6.756.88
Silver Duralar.00213.5"2875'1254.33
LBMT Diffuser film (pk/100)0.003910"47.75"6.8453.64
Silver Plaid Holografix.002124"115'3.3052.16
Silver Sparkle.00222"500'248.24
Matte/matte drafting film0.005133.5"500'546.27
Archival Clear polyester(PKS OF 100)0.004415"40"1244
Gold Duralar with PSA - pack of 1000.00218.5"11"1.438.98
Matte/matte drafting film0.005122.625"462'436
PM Drafting pk of 900.003111"14"0.633.75
Green Clear Lay with PSA (pk/100)0.005338.5112.830.9
Dartek Nylon0.00215.125"900'4.529
Silver Metallized Dura-Lar Packs of (100)0.002716"27"427
Silver Duralar with PSA - pack of 1000.00288.5"11"1.426.36
Matte/matte drafting film0.005111.75500'2.6223.14
Two Side Matted Drafting Film.00332"500'1.822.71
Red gloss rigid vinyl w/masking0.032023.5"53.5"221.12
Green gloss rigid vinyl w/masking0.032023.5"53.5"221.12
Silver Duralar.00238.5"300'3.0620.66
Green Clear Lay with PSA (pk/66)0.00518.5112.820.4
Clear matte/matte vinyl packs of 1000.015256.1875"20.1875"9.1124.91
Matte/matte drafting film0.005221.25500'1.816.53
Clear Acetate.00571"1000'2.316.5
Optigrafix One Sided Matte Diffuser Film.00374.63"150'1.214.12
Clear SH72S Polyester Packs of (100)0.0031311"17"2.810.08
Clear Matte/Matte vinyl0.032326" 52"1.987.38
Clear Dura-Lar Anti-Stat (pack of 100)0.004199"1.66
Blue Transparent Rigid Vinyl (Packs / 100)0.005315.5"8.5"1.165.76
Clear Matte/Matte vinyl0.018752250.6372.46
Clear Dura-Lar Polyester (Packs/100)0.004204"6"0.481.75
White polyester.014"6317.5"38"0.471.2
White polyester.014"20018"32"0.41.14
White Cal Matte Vinyl0.015523.75"53.75"0.551.11
White G/G Rigid Vinyl0.011523"28.5"0.321.1
White polyester.014"6610.5"31"0.220.8
Matte Silver Duralar with PSA0.0022723"27"0.090.58
Green Transparent Rigid Vinyl0.011438.5"11"0.060.57
Clear-Lay Rigid Vinyl Matte/Matte 0.0147013"25"0.1590.38
White M/M Rigid Vinyl0.0123315"25"0.180.36
Clear Duralar0.002173320"36"0.0720.26

All off-cuts are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, cannot be reserved, and are offered in “as is” condition. $50.00 minimum order required.

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