Discontinued Products

Change is the only constant in our universe.

Even Grafix Plastics is not immune! From time to time, when demand drops below what it takes to manufacture and stock a product line economically, we will discontinue it. Sometimes, critical raw materials used to make a product get discontinued, or the technology evolves in a way that causes a product to become obsolete. Thus causing us to discontinue it. Please note that just because we’ve discontinued a product or product line, we are still likely able to produce it for you on a made-to-order basis.
Below are our most recently discontinued products:

Optical Films:

  • Retardation Films:  Quarter Wave Films (QW, QWEP Grades) , Half Wave Films (HW, HWEP Grades)
  • Circular Polarizers
  • Linear Polarizers

HoloGrafix Decorative Films:

  • Silver, Colors and Adhesive Versions

Security Films:

  • Tamper-evident, destructable acetate

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