Mylar Film FAQ’s: Answers about types of polyester film and plastic Film.

Frequently asked Mylar Film questions

1. What is Mylar / What is Mylar film?

Mylar® is Dupont / Taijjin’s branded for polyester / plastic film, manufactured in a variety of different combinations of types, finishes, and thicknesses.

2. Is Mylar the same product as polyester film or even just plastic film?

The word “Mylar” is often used to generically refer to plastic film. However:

  • Mylar is a registered trademark owned by Dupont Tejjin Films for a specific family of products made from the resin Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).
  • The true generic term for this material is polyester film.

Plastic Film is a generic term for any polymer material that is cast, extruded or calandarded into a wide thin film like material. There are many, many types of plastic film in use today. If you need more help understanding what type of material you require, please contact us by hitting the Inquiry Button!

3. Types of Mylar

Types of Mylar Sheets

  • Anti-static
  • Adhesion treated
  • Metallized
  • Barrier coated

Finishes of Mylar Sheets

  • Clear
  • White
  • Low, Moderate to High Haze
  • Black

Thickness of Mylar Sheets
from .0005″ or 12 um to .014″ or 350 um

4. Are all types of Mylar film / Mylar sheets available in all finishes and thickness?

No. Different types and finishes of polyester film and sheet are made for specific applications. Learn more about different types and finishes of polyester film and sheet and the properties of Polyester Film and Sheet.

Grafix Plastics offers a wide variety of different types, grades, finishes and thicknesses of Mylar film.

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ylar® is a registered trademark of Dupont Teijin Films. Only Dupont Teijin Films makes Mylar® . Grafix Plastics stocks some Mylar® products so please contact us for more information.