Is Hazy DuraLar™ archival?

Is Hazy DuraLar™ archival? Yes and no. There are three aspects that go into determining whether a polyester film is actually archival grade: 1- whether it is pH neutral, 2- whether or not the film will impact what it comes in contact with, and 3- whether it can be sonically welded to itself. Hazy DuraLar is a pH neutral polyester film that will not stick or transfer to other surfaces. However, it is not treated so that it may be sonically welded to itself. Further Hazy DuraLar is a translucent film, and generally high clarity films are used in archival applications.

How will you be using this film in an archival application? If you only need a pH neutral film, Hazy DuraLar is an excellent choice. If you also need to sonically weld the film, try our Archival Duralar™ product line, which meets the Library of Congress’ specifications for archival polyester film.