Specific Application FAQs

1. Can Grafix supply Mylar® plastic film for “Mylar balloons”?
No, “mylar balloons” are not usually made of Mylar® brand any more. “Mylar balloons” were originally made of a specific type of polyester film when first introduced. They are now made of a specially coated Nylon. Unfortunately, we cannot supply any material that is acceptable for this application.

2. Does Grafix supply material for map overlay?
Yes, we suggest clear Dura-lar (Polyester Film) for this application. Dura-lar is both more durable (not easily torn by hand) and less expensive than Acetate. We supply other films useful for map overlays. Drafting film is a translucent film material which allows details placed underneath to be clearly seen. This material can be written on with pencil and pen, both can then be erased cleanly. Another useful material is .004″ Wet Media Dura-lar which can be written on with dry erase markers and then wiped clean.

3. Does Grafix sell plastic for covering windows?
No. Grafix only supplies rigid plastic films. Also, our material is not suggested for long term outdoor use. A home improvement store may be your best source for this type of material.

4. Does Grafix manufacture bags or sell material for manufacturing bags?
No, we do not.

5. Does Grafix supply material for use with food or medical products?
Yes, in specific cases, our Acetate, Polyester and PolyOlephin film and sheets are approved for direct food contact. Please check the specific product pages for more info. We do not offer materials that are approved for direct medical contact. Please contact us for specific applications to determine whether we can be of assistance.

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