ES-Duralar™ Eye-Safe Solar Filter Film Instructions

Get ready to experience the solar spectacle safely! Here’s how to properly use ES-Duralar™ Eye-Safe Film for Solar Eclipse Observation:

Important Safety Note:

Failure to follow the instructions for the proper use of ES-Duralar™ can result in permanent eye damage.

1. Uncover the Film:

The eye-safe film is shipped covered by interleaved tissue to protect it from damage. Remove the tissue carefully to prevent scratching or other harm to the film.

IMPORTANT: When handling the film, try to avoid touching the film. Handle film from the corners of the sheet. Fingerprints can discolor your imaging, impacting your observation experience

2. Inspect the Film:

Once you’ve uncovered the film, inspect it for any possible damage. Our Eye Safe Film is produced to be clean and free of scratches, dings, pinholes, and other defects. If there’s any sign of damage, the film should not be used. A simple way to check the film is by holding it up to a regular light source (not the sun). If any light gets through, it indicates that the film is damaged. For your safety, you must destroy any damaged film to avoid accidental use.

3. Proper Placement:

Place the film at the front of your eyes, or in front of a SLR/viewfinder camera, or telescope. Remember, the film should be the first layer that sunlight goes through. Never use this film between the lens and your eye, and do not use it behind any eyepiece.

4. Orientation of the Film:

The film has two sides – a black side and a silver side. Make sure the silver side is facing the sun for the best viewing experience. It is not dangerous to have the silver side facing the eyes; but looking at the black side is more physically comfortable.

5. Secure the Film:

Make sure that your filter setup is firmly in place on your instrument so that it doesn’t get blown off or fall off. Even a brief flash of sunlight, especially under magnification, can cause serious eye damage!

Keep the film out of the hands of children. Do not leave it unattended where children or inexperienced individuals could use it improperly.

Always remember, inspecting the condition of the Eye-Safe Film before use is crucial to the safety and success of your solar eclipse observation. Handle it with care, inspect it thoroughly, and secure it properly to your observation instrument.

When it comes to storing your ES Duralar film, keep it flat in a cool, dry location. Kept in normal room conditions, your SP Duralar should last for 3 years.

If you have any questions, or need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us by hitting the Start an Inquiry button.